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Walmart to Stop Selling Sporting Rifles


The selection of guns for sale at Walmart just got smaller. Modern sporting rifles are being removed from Walmart Stores. The retail giant confirmed the announcement today. It was a move which had been rumored for quite some time given the liberal-motivated push for more gun control.

“We previously carried modern sporting rifles in less than a third of our stores,” said company spokesman Kory Lundberg. “Our merchandising decisions are driven largely by customer demand. In our everyday course of doing business, we are continually reviewing and adjusting our product assortment to meet our customers’ needs.”

Lundberg added that the decision to pull the trigger on stopping sales of modern sporting rifles in Walmart stores was not driven by political pressure.

Walmart Stores Inc. is the largest gun retailer in the United States. Earlier this year in a television interview broadcast on CNN, the company’s CEO Douglas McMillon said, “Our focus as it relates to firearms should be hunters and people who shoot sporting clays and things like that. We believe in serving those customers. We have for a long time, and we believe we should continue to.”

You may also recall back in April 2015, a U.S. Court of Appeals reversed a ruling involving Walmart and a ballot proposal from Manhattan’s Trinity Church. It was one which originally ordered Wal-Mart to have its shareholders vote on a proposal which possibly could have restricted gun sales. Following the successful appeal, the corporation publicly described the verdict as the court making “the right decision.”

This latest announcement involving the removal of rifles from the wide array of products it sells was not the first by Wal-Mart. In the past it has made corporate calls designed to reduce the number and variety of firearms sold by the retail giant.

1993 was the last year when Walmart sold handguns to its customers. Then, nearly one decade ago in 2006, the retailer announced it would stop the sale of guns in about one-third of its stores. The company said it was basing the decision on “diminished customer relevancy and demand in these markets.” Interestingly enough, just three years later, Walmart expanded its gun and ammunition stock.

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Trio of New Ares Armor Inc. Products are Matters of Life and Death

For immediate release: June 11, 2015

Trio of New Firearms Products from Ares Armor Inc. are Matters about Life and Death

Veteran-driven Ares Armor Inc., America’s leading custom Tactical Gear and Gun Parts Company,  announces the worldwide launch of a trio of new products. The new Spectre AR15 Pistol Upper and the Ajax Complete AR-10 Rifle Kit have been brought to life for the growing “Build Your Own Gun” Market. Plus by popular demand, decks of unique Vietnam War-style “Death Cards” will be included in the rifle kit, in addition to being sold separately.

Oceanside, CA.  June 11, 2015  –  Guns save lives. Now the Ares Armor Inc. team with many former U.S. Marines, is unveiling three exciting new firearms products being brought to life. This is in line with the new leadership’s commitment to quality product innovation and customer solutions.

“Today, provides further proof we are evolving and improving as a company ,” says new Ares Armor Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen. “The Ajax Complete AR-10 Rifle Kit proves we listen to customers. The Spectre proves we hold ourselves to higher standards. And the “Death Cards” prove we will look to deliver more affordable and accessible solutions in challenging niche markets.”

The Ajax Complete Rifle Kit is for those who want to build their own AR-10. Named for Ajax, the mighty figure in Greek mythology, this product is available to purchase in stock for the first time with Ares Armor Inc. Previously, there had been months of waiting in backorder status just to get the upper receiver. Stirlen successfully revamped the supply chain process. Now, AR-10 enthusiasts can get all of the quality, MilSpec, they want from the company they want…right now.

The Spectre AR-15 Pistol Upper is a new and much improved version of the “Obama’s Blaster” from the company’s former regime. Named in honor of the ACU-130 gun ship which provides massive firepower, it debuts as part of the new “Black Line.” The Spectre offers a brand new 11″ 1/9 5.56mm 416r Black Oxide barrel for more velocity while keeping the high level of accuracy, a superior  user configurable 12″ Harpe Rail, reduced friction, and more.

“We have improved on every aspect of this product from the previous version without raising the price for our customers,” says Ares Armor Inc. Vice-President of Manufacturing and R & D, Jon ZumMallen.

Then there’s the Vietnam War-style “Death Cards.” These are the ultimate “calling cards.” They are final messages you can leave with the bodies of ISIS members or other “enemies foreign and domestic” who pay the ultimate price for wrongly posing a life or death threat.

“The problem was these popular cards were too hard to get and way too expensive,” says Ares Armor Inc. Director of Industry Relations, Jeremy Tuma. “So we came up with a double barrel solution to make them accessible and affordable.”

About Ares Armor, Inc.

Ares Armor Inc. manufactures and sells the finest quality custom combat and tactical gear in nylon and Kydex, and gun parts with everything made in America. Its “Build a Gun” products are unserialized, unregistered, and 100% Legal.  Headquartered in Oceanside, California, the veteran-driven company proudly supports the Second Amendment in serving legal citizens, law enforcement, and military customers.

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Vince Vaughn Goes off on Gun Rights

vince-vaughn-british-gqDid you hear those loud shots fired? Many people just heard them from London all the way to Los Angeles. Were they from an AR-10? Were they from an AR-15? No. There was no rifle involved. It was just another round of actor Vince Vaughn going off on gun rights in America.

He is best known as an actor in comedy films. But in real-life, Vince Vaughn has the ammo to come across as a dead serious straight shooter. He obviously follows a much different script than most of his fellow stars in Hollywood. And if you are strong believer in the Second Amendment, he’s taking on a public role you wish more celebrities or people of influence would have the courage and common sense to do.

In a cover interview with Jonathan Heaf for the July 2015 issue of British GQ, the star of the Wedding Crashers movie was invited to fire away with his opinions on firearms and the problems of there being restrictions on them.

I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just in your home. We don’t have the right to bear arms because of burglars; we have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government. It’s not about duck hunting; it’s about the ability of the individual. It’s the same reason we have freedom of speech. It’s well known that the greatest defense against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back. All these gun shootings that have gone down in America since 1950, only one or maybe two have happened in non-gun-free zones. Take mass shootings. They’ve only happened in places that don’t allow guns. These people are sick in the head and are going to kill innocent people. They are looking to slaughter defenseless human beings. They do not want confrontation. In all of our schools it is illegal to have guns on campus, so again and again these guys go and shoot up these f***ing schools because they know there are no guns there. They are monsters killing six-year-olds.”

Guns in Schools in America

Vince Vaughn let the British magazine readers know he thinks banning firearms for protection in defenseless schools is a barrel of nonsense. Here is his response to the question, “Do you think guns should be allowed in schools?”

“Of course. You think the politicians that run my country and your country don’t have guns in the schools their kids go to? They do. And we should be allowed the same rights. Taking away guns, taking away drugs, the booze, it won’t rid the world of criminality.”

Banning guns is like banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat.   – actor Vince Vaughn


Vaughn himself is at a critical fork in the road in his acting career. He’s heading off in a new direction as one of the stars of the popular HBO original series, True Detective (opposite Colin Farrell).

He says season two of True Detective will be very different than last year’s based in Louisiana with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. This season is set in California where Vince plays Frank Semyon, a guy in danger of losing his large criminal empire.

“I really like my character,” says Vaughn.  “I want to watch this show not because I’m in it but as a fan of the material.” You may want to watch Vince Vaughn in True Detective just because of his stance on gun rights and the Second Amendment.

The July issue of British GQ with him on the cover goes on sale this Thursday, June 4, 2015.


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