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Ares Armor Inc. Joins Army Navy Military Expo 2015


Photo: Army Navy Military Expo 2014

Ares Armor Inc. is a veteran driven company. And every day it is heading further down that road to success. As an example, a team representing some of the U.S. Military Veterans employed at the Oceanside, CA based company is eagerly making the trip to Las Vegas this weekend. They are excited to be exhibitors at the Summer 2015 Army Navy Military Expo.

Among those representing Ares Armor Inc. at the upcoming ANM Expo are:

Atreyu Jimenez – Director of Wholesale Accounts. U.S. Marine.

William Smith –   Director of Wholesale Accounts. U.S. Marine.

Martin Cromwell – Retail Manager. U.S. Marine.

“We’ve been looking forward to being a part of this well-run and established event,” said Bryce Stirlen, the civilian CEO of Ares Armor Inc. “The Army Navy Military Expo provides our team a great opportunity to contribute to this incredibly important community. Our company is passionate about developing and delivering innovative, high-quality products that will make a difference in how operators in the field perform – while at the same time enhancing safety by improving technology.”

You will be able to find the Ares Armor Inc. team at booth # 705 of ANME, being held at the Tuscany Suites and Casino from Sunday, August 16, 2015 to Tuesday, August 18, 2015. For your added convenience, you’ll find the booth is located right near the areas for breakfast and lunch at the expo.

Ares Armor Inc. will be proudly displaying a wide array of innovative products from both its nylon catalog and metal catalog. These are products already being used by those in branches of the military, as well as law enforcement, and the tactical gear industries.

“Basically we are going to showcase the whole list of our gear and have it in the hands of operators who are actually going to use it,” said Atreyu Jimenez. “Our end goal is to provide them with the best gear possible so they can succeed on their missions.”

Ares Armor Inc. will gladly arrange a specific time for a private meeting, consultation, or demonstration at the Summer 2015 ANM Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Safe travels all.

Ares Armor Inc. Supports U.S. Marine’s Toy Drive


Sick children in a hospital is hard enough. They’re scared. They’re bored. They’re stressed about who and what they’re missing. And on top of all that, they’re not feeling well.

Doctors, nurses, and technicians work hard to provide care for these patients. But in addition, giving kids some healthy outlets to pass the time in the hospital, and take their minds off their medical condition can be just what the doctor ordered.

This issue became the trigger for a toy drive to benefit pediatric patients at the Palomar Health Downtown Campus hospital in Escondido, California. The campaign was organized by a former U.S. Marine at Camp Pendleton. When a couple of the Marines on the team at Ares Armor Inc. heard about the toy drive, they quickly stepped up and stepped in to help their comrade help the kids.



Photo: Will Smith and Atreyu Jiminez of Ares Armor Inc.

Matthew Quinn was on active duty in the United States Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton last year when his daughter suffered a kidney infection. He says she received excellent care, treatment, and family support at the base hospital.

As a result of this experience, Matthew Quinn became aware pediatric patients from other families don’t have the same resources to help them get through their hospital stays. “Other parents don’t have the means or availability to entertain their kids in the hospital,”  says. “They really struggle.”

This was all the ammunition needed for launching a toy drive.

Despite the best of intentions, the act of kindness still needed an upper. In addition to his family life, Matthew Quinn is very busy as one of the co-owners of the new Warfighter Academy military training center which just opened its doors in Escondido.

The guys from Ares Armor Inc. joined in the mission and got their own company to open its arms and checkbook to make a strong final push for success. Will Smith took time over last weekend to go shopping for new toys. CEO Bryce Stirlen contributed a donation of $1500 for more toys and activities to occupy the kids while in the hospital.



“Prior to this toy drive effort, the pediatric center had a small toybox,” Quinn says. We literally walked in with an SUV and pickup truck loaded with new toys. Thanks to the Ares donation, we’re going to purchase more. The staff were very excited. One of the nurses was so touched she wound up crying.”

“We’re grateful for this opportunity as a company to assist U.S. Marines on our team in supporting one of their own in the community, and making hospital stays just a little bit easier for sick kids,” added Bryce Stirlen, CEO, Ares Armor Inc.

Yes, the big guns in any pediatric hospital are always the medical professionals on staff. But hopefully, being able to provide better play time for the little boys and girls inside those patient gowns will also play a role in getting them healthy and back home.

Says Quinn, “If this one thing provides kids and their families with some kind of happiness during challenging times in the hospital, then it was important for us to do.”

S.F. Rolls on Videotaping Guns and Ammo Sales


Second Amendment supporters…now we know. In San Francisco politics, a Mexican illegal immigrant using a stolen gun in a high-profile murder is more of a gun issue than an immigration issue.

One would think Francisco Sanchez, a 45-year old a man with 7 felony convictions and who has been deported 5 times, would trigger an immediate review of the sanctuary city’s immigration policy. Instead, his random shooting of innocent 32-year old Kathryn Steinle at a San Francisco pier is sadly the trigger behind a new push for stricter new gun control, specifically videotaping guns and ammo sales.

A firearm stolen from a federal agent four days earlier was used in the murder. Somehow, this has provided all of the ammunition necessary for shooting down gun rights. As we explored earlier, Mark Farrell of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors went ahead yesterday and asked the city’s attorney’s office to draft his proposed legislation into a new city ordinance. It is expected to be formally submitted and voted on in September.

These strict gun laws would mandate the following:

  • All sales of guns and ammunition within San Francisco city limits will be required to be videotaped. This follows the precedent set by the other big city anti-gun governments of New York and more recently, Chicago.
  • The video recordings will need to be stored for a period of at least five years.
  • At least once a week, the data on all sales transactions involving guns and ammo must be transmitted to the San Francisco Police Department.

“More big brother watching. More big government interference,” said Ares Armor CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “This proposal infringes on the freedom of citizens to legally exercise their Second Amendment Rights in privacy if they choose. Or, it may wrongly force them to leave San Francisco to do so.”

Supervisor Farrell says the city must do all it can to protect its citizens including videotaping guns and ammo sales. He believes stronger local oversight of guns and ammunition is needed because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is understaffed and unable to handle it all.


Ironically in San Francisco a gun shop by the name of High Bridge Arms is the only one in business within city limits. The store which already has security cameras is strongly against the proposed gun law. General manager, Steven Alcairo, told KTVU-TV, “It is a very intrusive law that will accomplish absolutely nothing. As of right now I would refuse that, unless they brought a subpoena.”

Mark Farrell countered by saying, “To me, this is no-brainer legislation.” If approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the new restrictions on videotaping guns and ammo sales would go into effect by the end of 2016.

Dimitri Karras Termination

July 6, 2015

It is with heavy hearts in Ares Armor Inc. that we announce the forced termination of Founder Dimitri Karras for breach of duty as an employee of this firm.

Mr. Karras had been on paid administrative leave since March 2015 for highly unprofessional behavior against members of the management team, staff, and others. Most recently, he launched a series of disruptive and disrespectful public attacks against the CEO, and the company. Furthermore, the uncovering of serious financial discrepancies connected to his selling the company only served to complicate matters.

Mr. Karras repeatedly took advantage of the incredible patience and generosity of new owner and CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “We as an organization simply cannot allow him to continue this type of behavior against the company and people who supported him,” said Stirlen. “Mr. Karras has a very well-documented history. As one the of the company directors said in a management conference call, ‘sometimes to grow a bigger and better garden you just have to root out the weeds.’ Regardless, we still wish Dimitri the best of luck in his future endeavors.”



From ATF Cash Cow to BATFE Bull



The ATF was like an ATM for the U.S. Government. For many years, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) was a tax collecting cash cow. Today, as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) that cash cow has undergone a makeover. With greater focus on being an investigator and enforcer, the bureau is now more like a bull.

The best things in life are free. The most popular vices in life are not.

Even America’s Founding Fathers knew this. Under the U.S. Constitution, the first Congress imposed a tax on imported spirits in 1789. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, suggested it to relieve debt from the Revolutionary War. The government was the happy receiver of revenues.  Aaron Burr wasn’t the only one who thought of a gun vs. Hamilton. Taxpayers were not pleased.

In 1862, Congress established the Office of Internal Revenue for the Treasury Department. The next year, it authorized more of an upper hand by hiring three detectives to support “the prevention, detection and punishment of tax evaders.” Tax collecting and enforcement were connected. The model for the ATF was born.

For more than a century, politicians have re-named and bounced around the department like a ricochet bullet from an AR-15. They’ve wanted a say on the federal government’s most profitable earner. Reports show the ATF used to deliver a 35-to-1 return rate on every dollar it spent. Ka-ching.


ATF Independence Day



43 years ago on this day, July 1, 1972, was Independence Day for the ATF. Treasury Department Order No. 120-1 transferred the functions, powers and duties related to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives from the IRS to the ATF. In 1982, the Anti-Arson Act further empowered the ATF to investigate commercial arson cases.

On January 24, 2003, the Homeland Security bill moved the ATF law enforcement powers under the Department of Justice (DOJ). The tax and trade matters stayed with the Treasury Department through a new Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The agency name was changed to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the ATF is a law enforcement agency with nearly 5,000 employees, working operations across the United States, and even overseas. With an annual budget over $1.1 billion, it investigates violent crimes, and regulates firearms and other very important industries. Even after alcohol and tobacco stayed with the Department of the Treasury, BATFE is still a bullish investment as it collects more than $13 billion dollars in annual revenue.


The ATF and Ares Armor Inc.


The prior management of Ares Armor had a long-running dispute with the ATF over the legal issues of 80% lower receivers for AR-15 and AR-10 style rifles, and what constitutes a firearm. That conflict came to a head when agents conducted a raid on the company in March 2014.

Today, the bureau is pleased with the new ownership of Ares Armor Inc. Through the initiative of CEO, Bryce Stirlen, the two sides now have an open, constructive, and professional dialogue, regardless of differences in opinion on American’s rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

“Sometimes in business you may not like what you have to do, but you do it because it is right,” says Ares Armor Inc. CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “Having a healthy relationship with an entity which has as much power as the ATF is an intelligent way of conducting business. It protects the interests of our clients, customers, and employees. Conducting a constructive relationship between Ares Armor Inc. and the ATF is tactical in nature.”

Adds Stirlen, “That said, make no mistake, we WILL NOT waiver from protecting our Second Amendment Rights. We, however, choose no longer to incite conflict with the ATF – or any other government agency or official – through disruptive and disrespectful behavior.”


ATF Executive Management


PHOTO: Left: Thomas E. Brandon. Right: Ronald B. Turk

The ATF is also under new leadership. On April 1, 2015, Deputy Director Thomas E. Brandon became the Acting Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, replacing B. Todd Jones. We salute Mr. Brandon for proudly serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1978 to 1982.

At the same time, Ronald B. Turk was named Acting Deputy Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. We salute Mr. Turk for his service as a Colonel in the Air National Guard. His latest deployment was to Iraq, where he was awarded the honor of a Bronze Star.

Father’s Day 2015 Call to Arms


From Bryce Stirlen, CEO, Ares Armor Inc.


To the valued customers and clients of Ares Armor, Inc. – best wishes and Happy Father’s Day!

I hope our fellow fathers are surrounded today by the love of their families. If you have a father, past or present, I hope you are honoring his role in your life. If you are a Dad – or have one – who is away from home, serving on military assignment, thank you again for your sacrifice.

I was fortunate to create many wonderful memories with my Dad on Father’s Day. Sadly, not enough. He passed away June 2013.


On this Father’s Day, I am blessed to have my family out from Chicago – here with me in San Diego. As a father, I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have such warm and loving children in my life.

When I look at my kids and my country with the love I have for both, I see the need to support and protect them. I also understand the need to honor and answer today’s painfully obvious Call to Arms. It is the same one waiting on the doorsteps, and in the faces and inboxes of all American fathers.

Look at just a few of the events this month in the U.S. They trigger proof why everyone would and should bear Arms:

  1. James Boulware, an angry man in an armored vehicle shoots up a Dallas police station.
  2. Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year old ISIS sympathizer is arrested by the FBI after being caught scouting the George Washington Bridge and other New York City landmarks. Plus, he spent hours researching how to make bombs for terrorist attacks.
  3. A pair of Detroit women who legally carry firearms were each able to “pull the trigger” in successfully defending themselves. One during an overnight home invasion against multiple attackers, and the other, during an attempted carjacking in broad daylight.
  4. The appalling and horrific Clinton home invasion we featured on our blog. Thugs used stun guns on infants and children, attempted rapes, robbery, and more against a family with no firearms.
  5. In a hate crime, 21-year old Dylann Storm Roof, sits for an hour in a Charleston, SC church before pulling a gun and killing 9 African-Americans in bible study.

Intentionally, I listed this piece of gun news last. This awful story appears to be more about racial prejudice, not the weapon used to express it. However, Barack Obama wasted no time making this political. He WILL use this tragedy as fresh ammo for pushing his anti-gun agenda and assault on the Second Amendment, just as he did with Sandy Hook. The fatal shootings give the president all the ammunition he craves for his legacy and another attempt at a gun grab.

Firearms are NOT evil. People ARE evil.

People, whether inherently evil or afflicted with mental health issues – NOT FIREARMS – create atrocities. When mass shootings occasionally happen, the anti-gun gang screams bloody murder about the need to ban ALL firearms because of a few.

It continues to plague me why anti-constitutional radicals in our country, that clearly want to stomp on the principals set forth by our Founding Fathers – get away with their nonsensical arguments around the dangers of firearms.  These radicals take a few, sad and horrific events and politicize them to get what they want. THE GUNS. They want the guns so that they can eventually strip every American of the Constitutional Rights that make our nation great.  The ability to have a voice and speak out against tyranny. NO BULLY can push around an individual that can clearly defend themselves.  Give them (the radical anti-gun establishment fueled by certain facets of our national government) the guns and they WILL take away our rights and the rights of generations to come.

Every time I hear the anti-gunner establishment call for gun grabs – I listen to their arguments…  take the guns, control the guns and the “senseless violence will stop”.  REALLY?  So hand over the guns and we will be safe…?  REALLY?  It will be impossible for evil, and or mentally ill individuals to inflict mass devastation and destruction?  REALLY?  If the logic of these radicals actually had merit, one could argue that any device used by anther person to inflict mass devastation and destruction should be equally banned.

  • Why was there no call to ban airplanes after 9-11, or more recently after a German pilot chose to kill 150 innocent people by flying them into a mountain? There are numerous accounts of pilots and individuals murdering massive numbers of people with aircraft.  When have any of these gun control radicals gone after planes?  Never!  Why?  Because owning or exercising your right to fly a plane WON’T protect you from tyranny and protect our freedom.
  • Why is there no call to ban trains, trucks or cars – haven’t they been used to murder in the masses? Set aside the countless alcohol and drug related events involving a vehicle, need I remind all of the events that developed at the hands of Timothy McVeigh?  When have any of the anti-gun radicals cried, screamed, pounded their fists on the table – demanding all forms of transportation that could be used to murder countless people be banned?    Why?  Because exercising our rights to use or own a train, truck or car WON’T protect you from tyranny and protect our freedom.
  • Why is there no call to ban lethal prescription drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes which are so much more accessible than guns? These drugs are known to have killed thousands and thousands?  Where are the anti-gun “Fruit Loops” on this one? By the way, I have no doubt these social sins WILL be the next ones taken away once “they” have stripped “us” of our #2A rights. So, you gun-grabbers may want to think about that one before getting on the “high” horse…

The anti-gunner community wants you to believe that if Americans roll over and let Obama have his way, we will be safe and protected.  BY WHO?  The government?  Seriously?  The same government that has turned its back on our allies in the middle east and allowed the “rabid” spread of one of the worst global diseases of our generation…  ISIS?

Personally, I choose to have the right to protect myself, my family, my friends and neighbors and not rely on the same government which threw away all the Blood and Treasure won by the brave servicemen and women who fought to protect the principals of our great nation.

And, it’s an honor to say, I have the distinct privilege to work with some of those same men and women here at Ares Armor Inc. today.


A Call to Arms By Our Founding Fathers


The 10-day Founding Fathers tribute by Ares Armor Inc. ended yesterday. It served to recharge my belief in the purpose and power of the U.S. Constitution. The most important document in our history speaks for itself.

The Obama dictating form of government is the exact reason why our Founding Fathers knew the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution were important. They made a very important decision to give Americans the right to bear Arms. They knew fundamentally they must avoid tyranny, protect our borders, and allow us to defend ourselves, our families, fellow Americans, and freedoms.

It makes me furious when this government tries to take away our #2A gun rights. President Obama wants our firearms gone so he can build his ideological control over all Americans and bestow it to future generations of his left leaning brethren. He has little time left, and rest assured, he will utilize every last breath of his presidency to push every piece of his liberal agenda down the throats of the U.S. Congress and the American people. Don’t forget, according to him, he has a pen and a phone if he doesn’t get his way… Dictator or President Obama?

Americans are about freedom, and rights to free speech and equality for all. No government should have the ability to force a society into a singular way of thinking. By law, we were given the freedom to arm ourselves. Like in 1776, those brave men picked up their muskets and said, “We will fight for our rights. We will fight for freedom.”

They set for us – the path we are still on today.

As a constitutionalist, I take this Call to Arms seriously. My children’s future, and generations to come will change for the worse if this president, and his crony gun control advocates, win the fight against our Second Amendment Rights. The benefits and beauty of what this nation was built upon by our Founding Fathers will be gone, forever.


A Call to Arms vs. Bullies

It’s a simple principle. Those who have ability to fight back are not bullied. Those people do not become the victims. A bully only attacks those weaker than he or she. Dylann Roof used a gun in a church. Adam Lanza used a gun in an elementary school. These are perfect soft targets for predators.

Calling 9-1-1 is not self-defense. It is not the instant solution you need.

Is it any wonder law-abiding citizens carry guns in church, in their cars, and sleep with them on nightstands by their beds? The lines of enemies foreign and domestic has been blurred. The enemy in America today has proven to be anywhere at any time.

The enemy is not the gun. The enemy is NOT having a gun to protect yourself and others.

An armed America is a safe and secure America.

Atrocities will happen less if criminals never know who around them is carrying guns, and is ready, willing, and able to use them. That extra level of respect levels the ground. Good, strong citizens with firearms are too much for cowards and bullies who might otherwise think they have nothing to lose.

So please, on this Father’s Day, choose to exercise the Constitutional Rights our Founding Fathers fought to give you. Whether you purchase from Ares Armor Inc. or somewhere else, make the commitment to bear Arms before it’s too late. Be empowered to defend yourself and others from enemies foreign and domestic.

If you allow a bully to control you on what he or she thinks is right, your freedom will be gone. The freedom of our children, and our children’s children will be gone, too.


Keeping a Promise with My Father


Before my dad passed away after developing Alzheimer’s Disease and Lung Cancer, came one of his most lucid moments. He was on oxygen struggling to breathe. He made me promise him I would find an opportunity where I could effectively change the lives and courses of people. I am trying to honor my dad’s request every day with Ares Armor Inc. I am trying to honor it with these words to you right now.

I did not invest in a company. I invested in its smart, passionate, and patriotic people, many who are veterans who have been through hell and back fighting for both this country and this company.

If I can help my team, and also help to convince you and other good Americans to responsibly bear Arms as is your Constitutional Right, then I can make my father proud up there.

My father lit my fire. If I can do something to change people’s lives in a positive way, I can leave this world a happy man no matter how many mistakes I have made or will make in my lifetime.

On this fathers day, we at Ares Armor Inc. wish you a wonderful day with your families.  We would like to extend a heart felt thank you – for your time and your business.


Bryce Stirlen

CEO, Ares Armor Inc.

Remembering our Founding Fathers on Flag Day


Today is Flag Day. We celebrate the sacred Stars and Stripes today. Dad’s big day is one week away. We hope you are enjoying our Countdown to Father’s Day 2015, and the tribute to our nation’s Founding Fathers.

If you have been following this series, you can’t help but come away with a certain powerful realization or confirmation. The exact government policies and practices America’s Founding Fathers were dead set on preventing, are the very scenarios we are now facing with the current White House administration. On Flag Day 2015, storm winds are blowing her in the wrong direction.

The Founding Fathers insisted on a system of checks and balances when they drafted and ratified the U.S. Constitution. The federal government’s decision making authorities would be distributed and shared between three branches. The states would maintain rights, too.

We The People mandated the people have powers and Constitutional Rights in a truly free country. After all, the Founding Fathers and thousands of other colonists fought bravely for their freedom. They vowed never to build a new nation for themselves, their families, and fellow Americans which would empower the government to take back the rights of the people.

The Founding Fathers carefully packed the U.S. Constitution with laws to serve the citizens as eternal safeguards. No power-wielding president or court could go rogue or turn dictator. The people could not be taken back into tyranny like with Great Britain.


Sadly and angrily as we know today, those Constitutional safeguards are now being stretched and stomped on with President Obama trying to circumvent Congress and the people to push his own anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda. Gun control is part of his control.

“The Founding Fathers made a very important decision to include the right to bear Arms for all Americans,” said Bryce Stirlen, CEO of Ares Armor Inc. “They believed the American people should bear Arms to avoid tyranny, and to protect our borders, our families, friends, and neighbors. They knew fundamentally, nearly 250 years ago that a country armed has freedom, safety, and security. Those wise, courageous men looking into the future had the foresight to know the most simple principle – all of the people  should have the power to defend their own home. And if you think of America as a home shared by all of us, then it is all of our responsibility to protect and defend it.”


The hashtag with this important warning is a rapidly rising one on Twitter, a modern technology for Freedom of Speech. People are resonating with the idea of waking America as they should on this Flag Day, and every day.

History can repeat itself…if the people allow it.

Under President Obama, the gun control debate is louder than ever. Americans on both sides of the issue are growing more passionate, and more divided. Many people think they are supporting the president in gun control. Little do they realize they are acting against the support of We The People.


You see, whether or not you like guns…whether you exercise your Constitutional Right to bear Arms to defend yourself, your home, and your country (or blindly hope someone else does it for you) here is a simple fact:

The Second Amendment protects and preserves the First Amendment. The right to bear Arms protects and preserves your right to free speech. Without 2A, the people can be easily silenced, bullied, and stripped of their freedoms.

Ares Armor Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen was raised in a home where guns were allowed, but not ammunition. Bryce’s father as a very young man had a friend die in his arms, a casualty of a freak hunting accident. The incident haunted Bryce’s father who passed away two years ago. Still, he allowed his sons to collect antique guns and nurtured respect for them.

Bryce’s inspiration for firearms, the military, and our Founding Fathers came through his grandfather, Clement E. “Buck” Humphrey, who was a World War II hero. Bryce was physically disqualified from following his grandfather into military service, but today he proudly and passionately works with a veteran-driven team at Ares Armor Inc.

“When the government tries to take away our Second Amendment Rights, it makes me furious,” says Bryce. “I know how my grandfather would have felt if he were alive. I am reminded of this every day at work when I see it in the eyes of the veterans on our team who courageously fought for our country and freedoms. They are disillusioned and disgusted by this assault on the Constitution.

To allow some bully or some structure to control you on what they think is right, means your freedoms will be gone. There was much blood spilled in order for the U.S. Constitution to be written by our Founding Fathers. Everything in that document is only safe and secure if Americans have right to protect themselves and say ‘NO.’

On Flag Day 2015, look at how President Obama has become Dictator-in-Chief. Does any American believe that won’t become a trend, or transition into what our country will become if our rights are taken away?”

Food for thought in remembering our Founding Fathers on Flag Day.


Trio of New Ares Armor Inc. Products are Matters of Life and Death

For immediate release: June 11, 2015

Trio of New Firearms Products from Ares Armor Inc. are Matters about Life and Death

Veteran-driven Ares Armor Inc., America’s leading custom Tactical Gear and Gun Parts Company,  announces the worldwide launch of a trio of new products. The new Spectre AR15 Pistol Upper and the Ajax Complete AR-10 Rifle Kit have been brought to life for the growing “Build Your Own Gun” Market. Plus by popular demand, decks of unique Vietnam War-style “Death Cards” will be included in the rifle kit, in addition to being sold separately.

Oceanside, CA.  June 11, 2015  –  Guns save lives. Now the Ares Armor Inc. team with many former U.S. Marines, is unveiling three exciting new firearms products being brought to life. This is in line with the new leadership’s commitment to quality product innovation and customer solutions.

“Today, provides further proof we are evolving and improving as a company ,” says new Ares Armor Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen. “The Ajax Complete AR-10 Rifle Kit proves we listen to customers. The Spectre proves we hold ourselves to higher standards. And the “Death Cards” prove we will look to deliver more affordable and accessible solutions in challenging niche markets.”

The Ajax Complete Rifle Kit is for those who want to build their own AR-10. Named for Ajax, the mighty figure in Greek mythology, this product is available to purchase in stock for the first time with Ares Armor Inc. Previously, there had been months of waiting in backorder status just to get the upper receiver. Stirlen successfully revamped the supply chain process. Now, AR-10 enthusiasts can get all of the quality, MilSpec, they want from the company they want…right now.

The Spectre AR-15 Pistol Upper is a new and much improved version of the “Obama’s Blaster” from the company’s former regime. Named in honor of the ACU-130 gun ship which provides massive firepower, it debuts as part of the new “Black Line.” The Spectre offers a brand new 11″ 1/9 5.56mm 416r Black Oxide barrel for more velocity while keeping the high level of accuracy, a superior  user configurable 12″ Harpe Rail, reduced friction, and more.

“We have improved on every aspect of this product from the previous version without raising the price for our customers,” says Ares Armor Inc. Vice-President of Manufacturing and R & D, Jon ZumMallen.

Then there’s the Vietnam War-style “Death Cards.” These are the ultimate “calling cards.” They are final messages you can leave with the bodies of ISIS members or other “enemies foreign and domestic” who pay the ultimate price for wrongly posing a life or death threat.

“The problem was these popular cards were too hard to get and way too expensive,” says Ares Armor Inc. Director of Industry Relations, Jeremy Tuma. “So we came up with a double barrel solution to make them accessible and affordable.”

About Ares Armor, Inc.

Ares Armor Inc. manufactures and sells the finest quality custom combat and tactical gear in nylon and Kydex, and gun parts with everything made in America. Its “Build a Gun” products are unserialized, unregistered, and 100% Legal.  Headquartered in Oceanside, California, the veteran-driven company proudly supports the Second Amendment in serving legal citizens, law enforcement, and military customers.

For more information, visit http://www.AresArmor.com or call (760) 650-2737.


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Founding Fathers and Father’s Day Countdown


Father’s Day 2015 is Sunday, June 21. Ares Armor Inc. is proudly presenting a Countdown to Father’s Day. Sign up and score. You will receive interesting reads and daily sales on special items Dad may want to buy for himself…or better yet, receive as a gift (hint hint). The Mac Daddy in all of this is the launching of a complete Build a Rifle Kit giveaway.


Photo: Jeremy Tuma – Director of Industry Relations, Ares Armor Inc.

A number of dads play key roles on the Ares Armor Inc. team. Some of them are staff members. Others past and present are the inspiration and motivation behind our people. One example of both is CEO Bryce Stirlen. As a father of young children, he took over the company months ago with a pledge to his own father to truly make a positive difference in the lives of others.

A Father’s Day holiday has been making a difference in the United States since it was first celebrated in 1910. The idea was inspired by the birth of Mother’s Day, as well as a ceremony remembering many fathers killed in a West Virginia mining accident in 1907.

Sonora Smart Dodd is credited for being the unofficial mother of the establishment of Father’s Day in the U.S. Her dad raised six children all by himself following the death of their mother. It was a highly unusual endeavor for a man at the time.

Founding Fathers


Personally, most of us have fathers and father figures whom we honor proudly and with great affection for their love and life contributions. However collectively speaking, no Father’s Day celebration, and certainly no “right of the people to keep and bear Arms” in modern America would be in existence without the courageous efforts of the Founding Fathers of this great nation.

So, after one of the U.S Marines on the Ares Armor Inc. team suggested the idea of including our Founding Fathers in a Father’s Day Countdown tribute, we will be pulling the trigger on salutes to these real-life American Heroes every day until Father’s Day 2015.

We invite you to join us in this fitting Father’s Day Countdown. And, if you are blessed with the opportunity…to share it with your dads, father figures, and children.

Meantime, check out the new Founding Father Patch.






Announcing New “Victory Comp” line – press release


Competition Shooting Champions Choose New Victory Comp Line Gear from Ares Armor Inc.  

For immediate release: June 4, 2015

Veteran-driven Ares Armor Inc., America’s leading custom Nylon and Kydex Tactical Gear and Gun Parts Company, announces the worldwide launch of its new Victory Comp line. This state of the art gear was created and customized for the 2015 collegiate champion Texas A & M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit. It is now available for all those seeking victory in shooting competition.  

Oceanside, CA.  June 4, 2015  –  Buying one’s favorite NFL gear such as a Tom Brady jersey might make a football fan feel good. But it won’t help make the person a Super Bowl champion.  Buying the new Victory Comp line gear from Ares Armor Inc. might also make a competitive shooter feel good. However, the big difference is running this gear can definitely help make them a champion. The 2015 Texas A & M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) has already proven it by winning collegiate shooting championships using this new, innovative gear.

“We’re very proud of the unique, high-quality products our team developed with Coach Kevin Jimmerson’s team at the CCMU,” says Ares Armor Inc. CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “These cutting edge technologies helped give his shooters a winning edge against the best collegiate teams in the country. We are totally confident running this gear can help to create a winning edge for anyone who strives for victory in competitive shooting.”

Months of strategy, design, analysis, and testing, resulted in the development of the ergonomic, bio-mechanically correct gear which has been customized exclusively for greater speed and efficiency:

  • Competition Cut Kydex Holster. Opened front part features a unique cut for much faster and easier drawing and re-holstering. Durable, reliable. Available in either dominant shooting hand. Build to order for the shooter’s pistol.
  • AR-15 Rifle Competition Kydex Mag Pouch (Reversible). Slimmer design frees up more space on rig for shooters. Universal mag rounds forward or backward, left or right, to fully adapt to any shooting style. Unique speed clips make for easier getting on and off rig. Shooter doesn’t have to take off and put back on belt every time. “Love at First Sight” for 3-Gunners.   
  • Adjustable Kydex Speed Mag Pouch. Book-pressed Kydex for slimmer design. Fully adjustable for up to 360 degrees of canting. Top cut so there is more of the mag to index, making it consistently easier to grab quickly. Double-sided Velcro between hydration pack and the actual carrier. Option to replace Velcro with second screw included. Available in either dominant shooting hand. Built to order for shooter’s pistol.

The Texas A & M used the first generation of this gear to win the 2015 Military College Combat Shooting Championships. The newer and even more improved version used by the Aggies to win the 3-Gun Championship in Texas is what is now available to the public for purchase.

“Hundreds of man hours from our team and the CCMU went into design, testing, and re-testing these products for maximum speed and efficiency,” says Ares Armor Inc. Vice-President of Manufacturing and R & D, Jon ZumMallen. “It was great to see the Corps of Cadets running this gear to championships against the service academies and other great teams. We’re really excited to see the Victory Comp line bring out the champion in competitive shooters everywhere.”

About Ares Armor, Inc.

Ares Armor Inc. manufactures and sells the finest quality custom combat and tactical gear in Nylon and Kydex, and gun parts with everything made in America. Its “Build a Gun” products are unserialized, unregistered, and 100% Legal.  Headquartered in Oceanside, California, the veteran-driven company proudly supports the Second Amendment in serving legal citizens, law enforcement, and military customers.

For more information, visit http://www.AresArmor.com or call (760) 650-2737.


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