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Trio of New Ares Armor Inc. Products are Matters of Life and Death

For immediate release: June 11, 2015

Trio of New Firearms Products from Ares Armor Inc. are Matters about Life and Death

Veteran-driven Ares Armor Inc., America’s leading custom Tactical Gear and Gun Parts Company,  announces the worldwide launch of a trio of new products. The new Spectre AR15 Pistol Upper and the Ajax Complete AR-10 Rifle Kit have been brought to life for the growing “Build Your Own Gun” Market. Plus by popular demand, decks of unique Vietnam War-style “Death Cards” will be included in the rifle kit, in addition to being sold separately.

Oceanside, CA.  June 11, 2015  –  Guns save lives. Now the Ares Armor Inc. team with many former U.S. Marines, is unveiling three exciting new firearms products being brought to life. This is in line with the new leadership’s commitment to quality product innovation and customer solutions.

“Today, provides further proof we are evolving and improving as a company ,” says new Ares Armor Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen. “The Ajax Complete AR-10 Rifle Kit proves we listen to customers. The Spectre proves we hold ourselves to higher standards. And the “Death Cards” prove we will look to deliver more affordable and accessible solutions in challenging niche markets.”

The Ajax Complete Rifle Kit is for those who want to build their own AR-10. Named for Ajax, the mighty figure in Greek mythology, this product is available to purchase in stock for the first time with Ares Armor Inc. Previously, there had been months of waiting in backorder status just to get the upper receiver. Stirlen successfully revamped the supply chain process. Now, AR-10 enthusiasts can get all of the quality, MilSpec, they want from the company they want…right now.

The Spectre AR-15 Pistol Upper is a new and much improved version of the “Obama’s Blaster” from the company’s former regime. Named in honor of the ACU-130 gun ship which provides massive firepower, it debuts as part of the new “Black Line.” The Spectre offers a brand new 11″ 1/9 5.56mm 416r Black Oxide barrel for more velocity while keeping the high level of accuracy, a superior  user configurable 12″ Harpe Rail, reduced friction, and more.

“We have improved on every aspect of this product from the previous version without raising the price for our customers,” says Ares Armor Inc. Vice-President of Manufacturing and R & D, Jon ZumMallen.

Then there’s the Vietnam War-style “Death Cards.” These are the ultimate “calling cards.” They are final messages you can leave with the bodies of ISIS members or other “enemies foreign and domestic” who pay the ultimate price for wrongly posing a life or death threat.

“The problem was these popular cards were too hard to get and way too expensive,” says Ares Armor Inc. Director of Industry Relations, Jeremy Tuma. “So we came up with a double barrel solution to make them accessible and affordable.”

About Ares Armor, Inc.

Ares Armor Inc. manufactures and sells the finest quality custom combat and tactical gear in nylon and Kydex, and gun parts with everything made in America. Its “Build a Gun” products are unserialized, unregistered, and 100% Legal.  Headquartered in Oceanside, California, the veteran-driven company proudly supports the Second Amendment in serving legal citizens, law enforcement, and military customers.

For more information, visit http://www.AresArmor.com or call (760) 650-2737.


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Announcing New “Victory Comp” line – press release


Competition Shooting Champions Choose New Victory Comp Line Gear from Ares Armor Inc.  

For immediate release: June 4, 2015

Veteran-driven Ares Armor Inc., America’s leading custom Nylon and Kydex Tactical Gear and Gun Parts Company, announces the worldwide launch of its new Victory Comp line. This state of the art gear was created and customized for the 2015 collegiate champion Texas A & M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit. It is now available for all those seeking victory in shooting competition.  

Oceanside, CA.  June 4, 2015  –  Buying one’s favorite NFL gear such as a Tom Brady jersey might make a football fan feel good. But it won’t help make the person a Super Bowl champion.  Buying the new Victory Comp line gear from Ares Armor Inc. might also make a competitive shooter feel good. However, the big difference is running this gear can definitely help make them a champion. The 2015 Texas A & M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) has already proven it by winning collegiate shooting championships using this new, innovative gear.

“We’re very proud of the unique, high-quality products our team developed with Coach Kevin Jimmerson’s team at the CCMU,” says Ares Armor Inc. CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “These cutting edge technologies helped give his shooters a winning edge against the best collegiate teams in the country. We are totally confident running this gear can help to create a winning edge for anyone who strives for victory in competitive shooting.”

Months of strategy, design, analysis, and testing, resulted in the development of the ergonomic, bio-mechanically correct gear which has been customized exclusively for greater speed and efficiency:

  • Competition Cut Kydex Holster. Opened front part features a unique cut for much faster and easier drawing and re-holstering. Durable, reliable. Available in either dominant shooting hand. Build to order for the shooter’s pistol.
  • AR-15 Rifle Competition Kydex Mag Pouch (Reversible). Slimmer design frees up more space on rig for shooters. Universal mag rounds forward or backward, left or right, to fully adapt to any shooting style. Unique speed clips make for easier getting on and off rig. Shooter doesn’t have to take off and put back on belt every time. “Love at First Sight” for 3-Gunners.   
  • Adjustable Kydex Speed Mag Pouch. Book-pressed Kydex for slimmer design. Fully adjustable for up to 360 degrees of canting. Top cut so there is more of the mag to index, making it consistently easier to grab quickly. Double-sided Velcro between hydration pack and the actual carrier. Option to replace Velcro with second screw included. Available in either dominant shooting hand. Built to order for shooter’s pistol.

The Texas A & M used the first generation of this gear to win the 2015 Military College Combat Shooting Championships. The newer and even more improved version used by the Aggies to win the 3-Gun Championship in Texas is what is now available to the public for purchase.

“Hundreds of man hours from our team and the CCMU went into design, testing, and re-testing these products for maximum speed and efficiency,” says Ares Armor Inc. Vice-President of Manufacturing and R & D, Jon ZumMallen. “It was great to see the Corps of Cadets running this gear to championships against the service academies and other great teams. We’re really excited to see the Victory Comp line bring out the champion in competitive shooters everywhere.”

About Ares Armor, Inc.

Ares Armor Inc. manufactures and sells the finest quality custom combat and tactical gear in Nylon and Kydex, and gun parts with everything made in America. Its “Build a Gun” products are unserialized, unregistered, and 100% Legal.  Headquartered in Oceanside, California, the veteran-driven company proudly supports the Second Amendment in serving legal citizens, law enforcement, and military customers.

For more information, visit http://www.AresArmor.com or call (760) 650-2737.


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Competition Shooting Gear Brings out Best in Young Guns


PHOTO: Commander Zach Williams, Ares Armor Team, Coach Kevin Jimmerson (right).

It is said, “competition brings out the best in people.” This was just proven again with the new competition shooting gear from Ares Armor. The new  best in breed technology became reality because it brought out the best in a number of people. This includes a pair of standout young gun Cadets who were actively involved in product development.

The 2015 collegiate shooting season is now over for the Texas A & M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit. A couple more prestigious championship trophies are now stationed on the College Station, Texas campus. In less than five years, the program has risen from being a worthy opponent to a target nationally. As Head Coach Kevin Jimmerson committed when he started the CCMU, “If we are going to do this, we will do it to win.”

It’s not lonely at the top for Coach Jimmerson. He arms everyone in the Texas A & M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit for excellence. Sure, the young guns on his team come loaded with talent. But the real magic happens once they re-load with teachings and training.

The goal isn’t just to coach the Texas A & M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit to be collegiate shooting champions. It’s to help prepare them to be effective military officers and leaders upon graduation.

“Coach is a real father figure to us,” says Zach Williams, 2014-15 Corps of Cadets Commander. “He’s hard on us and pushes us to be the best. He opens his home to us, and he’ll do anything to help us be successful.” This includes proving invaluable access to mentors.

Enter James Lam.

This Staff Sergeant, and JTAC Instructor in the Oklahoma National Guard admits he is an idealist. He makes it his duty to serve Cadets as a mentor. “My goal is to mold each of them into a leader I would have followed anywhere into combat,” says Lam.

He served in Afghanistan, as did Jon ZumMallen, Ares Armor, Vice-President of Manufacturing, and R & D. Their bond became the foundation for the Ares Armor – CCMU connection.

Beginning at the End

Coach Jimmerson started 2015 with a shopping list to reach the next level of equipment and techniques. It included a plate carrier to give his shooters the ability to operate off their chests in competition.

After Coach, SSgt. Lam, and past Commander now Senior Cadet, Tyler Toppenberg, came together with Ares Armor in January at the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas, they immediately went to work on developing innovative, customized shooting gear. Literally.


PHOTO: Ares Armor Team. Tyler Toppenberg (center). James Lam (right).

“We researched the Ares Armor gear, and designed our dream sheet at the Las Vegas airport,” says Toppenberg. Adds Lam, “They began with identifying what they wanted the gear to do in the end. One of Tyler’s ideas was running a mag pouch in the back of the plate carrier, and not on the belt. We actually started sketching on napkins to come up with initial concept design.”

Sgt. Lam applied key concepts from combat. For example, guys want to travel light. Regular chest rigs were always too loose, slow, and sloppy. There was a real need for speed and greater efficiency. He integrated best practices in combat with what they do in competition shooting gear. Coach and his Cadets made sure every piece of gear had their shooter’s mindset and perspective.

“Next we expanded into testing and experimenting,” says Toppenberg, who will graduate this summer. “Guys put on rigs. We videotaped testing and analyzed everything to see how we could get faster and more efficient. It went back and forth to get things to work the best they could.”


“Once there was a baseline design, they gave it to me,” says Zach Williams.  “I was kind of the refiner or guinea pig. I’d tell them ‘Yes, I like this, or I might like that slightly different.’ The opportunities have given me a lot of insight into my strengths and weaknesses, mostly my weaknesses. It is greatly helping me develop as a leader.”

“Zach and Tyler chose to put their pride on the shelf so they could be more effective leaders,” Sgt. Lam says proudly. They demonstrated as much as possible they are willing to look bad and fail in order to learn. You can’t teach that. It makes them special. And you will never discover that in future combat leaders unless you invest time and effort in them.”

Adds Coach Kevin Jimmerson, “I am very proud of both of them, and I hope I live long enough to see how outstanding their lives become.”

“We are only as good as our gear will let us be,” says Tyler Toppenberg humbly. “What this experience allowed us to do was be a part of revolutionizing competition shooting gear. Basically, we had our own mad scientist’s lab to dream up what we could do to be more successful, and Ares Armor created it.”

Now you have the opportunity to run this same competition shooting gear to gain speed and efficiency:

Competition Cut Kydex Holsters

Reversible Competition Rifle Mag Pouch – AR 15

Adjustable Speed Mag Kydex Pouch

RECON Challenge 2015


There are challenges in life. And then there is the RECON Challenge. The 7th annual version of this marathon event was just held at the United States Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. Combining swimming, shooting, and a whole lot of hiking, the RECON Challenge is a one-day training competition not for the faint of heart, physically or mentally.

The grueling event is hosted by the Camp Pendleton Commanding Officer and the Instructor Staff of the Reconnaissance Training Company, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion, and School of Infantry (WEST). Its starting point was San Onofre Beach in San Clemente, California. It finished at SOI.

2015 RECON Challenge

22 two-man teams of Reconnaissance and SARC Corpsman participated. It is open to all officers and enlisted who are graduates of the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) and the Amphibious Reconnaissance School (ARS) who are active and reserve status. This also includes those from sister services and foreign competitors who have graduated from the BRC or ARS.


They began the competition at 4:00 a.m. with an open water swim with full combat equipment. Competitors strapped on 60+pound rucksacks and jumped into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. This was not just any spot, but right by the world famous Trestles surfing destination. Thus, you have 8-foot swells to battle in making it 1,000 meters out to a buoy and another 1,000 meters back to shore.

From tough to tougher.

The RECON Challenge then takes the competitors through a series of events on an obstacle course spanning 25.9 miles. It’s not just the distance for hiking and running with 60+pound rucksacks and a rifle which is a challenge. The terrain is the rugged “Alpha Shelf” mountain region of MCB Camp Pendleton.


Here’s more of the “fun” events for competitors in the RECON Challenge:

Observation and memorization contest.

Map work and navigation test.

Radio and communication test.

Fireman’s Carry test.

Knot-tying test.

Live firing range.


  • “The Tiring Tire.” How would you and a partner like to take on a massive tire? Swim 100 meters. Flip the tire into the pool. Push the tire to the deep end of the pool. Sink the tire to the bottom of the 15-foot pool. Swim to the bottom of the pool, and somehow manage to get the tire back to the surface. Then, lift the tire, now full of water, out of the pool.
  • “Weapons of Mass Assembly.” How would you and a partner like to do a marathon which features the dis-assembly and re-assembly of a 1911, M4, a myriad of machine guns and many other weapons?

Master Gunnery Sgt. Christopher May sums it up perfectly. “It comes down to knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to exploit them when you need, and just keep pushing forward,” he said.

The winning team of Master Sgt. David Jarvis and Capt. Patrick Zuber from 1st Reconnaissance Battalion won the 2015 RECON Challenge in a stunning time of 8 hours and 35 minutes. Their margin of victory was 49 minutes.

The event benefits the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation which supports the morale and welfare of those in the RECON community. Each team dedicated their participation in honor of a RECON Marine or sailor killed in action. Thus, keeping alive the brotherhood of the RECON Marines.

Ares Armor Inc. Sponsors 2015 RECON Challenge


Photo: (Jon ZumMallen – left, U.S. Marine High Shooter for event – center, Bryce Stirlen – right).

Jon ZumMallen is the Vice-President of Manufacturing, and Research and Development at Ares Armor Inc. Jon spent roughly six years as a RECON Marine and Scout Sniper. He served 2 tours of duty in Iraq, another in Afghanistan, and served at Camp Pendleton as an Instructor at the Pre-Scout Sniper Course.

Jon and Ares Armor Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen were proud to award two Build a Rifle kits to the high shooter teams of the 2015 RECON Challenge competition. “For me, being in one of the more aggressive units like RECON, there is a real sense of brotherhood, but when you get out you lose it,” says Jon ZumMallen. “When you do things like this and donate, it gives you a chance to help out and be back with people you know and taught and who taught you. So, it’s good to give back and get back with the RECON community.”


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