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80% Lower Receiver FAQ


80% Lowers - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How the hell is an 80 Percent Lower AR Legal?

Well it's simple really. You are building the weapon yourself for your own personal use. This is legal under the Gun Control Act of 1968. This is on the ATF’s website under their FAQ page. You can see it here: http://www.atf.gov/firearms/faq/firearms-technology.html

We are not lawyers always do your own research!

Can I Build an 80% Lower as a gift to my wife or other family member?

No, If you build one and then give it to another person you are distributing it… This would be illegal.

Do I need to put serial numbers on the ar15-ar10-1911 firearms that I make?

A licensed Manufacturer has an agreement with the government to put serial numbers on the weapons they make. You as a private individual who is making a firearm for personal use and not for sale of distribution have no agreement with the government to serialize your firearm.

It is a good idea to mark your weapon somehow so that should it ever be stolen you have a way to identify it and report its loss to your local law enforcement.

Please check your local and state law.

What if Law Enforcement sees me with my Unserialized Gun and No Registration?

What if a cop sees you eating a greasy burger. At the time this FAQ was written There is no law against eating greasy food (The greasy food analogy may change if good ol’ Michelle has her way) .The gun control act of 1968 does not require a private individual who is making a weapon for personal use and not for sale or distribution to serialize it. Lookup your local and state laws.

Can I make an SBR / Full Auto / other weapon?

For the sake of simplicity we are going to answer this one with a simple NO.

You must follow all Federal, State and Local Law There is a process for you to own those sorts of weapons. We will not provide any instruction on this.

C’mon I really want a full auto can you help me out? I will pay extra.

You would not believe how many times we get asked this… the answer is ALWAYS NO. Please do not waste your or our time asking this question. We are not interested in participating in ANY illegal activity nor are interested in helping you participate in ANY illegal activity. Thank you.

Will you help me make a Suppressor/Silencer/Can?


I am a felon and am restricted from owning a Gun, may I come to Build one using this process?

Sorry but no, you are restricted from owning a firearm… this would instantly stop you from being able to legally build one as well.

What is the difference between an Anodized and Raw 80% AR15/AR10 Lower Receiver?

Anodizing is a finish. If you want your lower to be black then go with the anodized if you want to do your own finish, go with raw.

How do I get an Unserialzed Barrel, Upper Receiver or other part to go with my AR Receivers?

You buy one! The only part of most weapons that are normally serialized is the lower receiver/frame. You are making this from an 80% lower. You can openly buy all the other parts and have them shipped to your door.

If I get an anodized upper receiver what happens after I cut it?

After you cut it the inside portion that you cut will be raw. Many people will just leave it this way and put it together. This is up to you.

If I leave my 80 Percent Lower raw, will the ar10 or ar15 receiver rust?

Raw aluminum may degrade if exposed to salt water/salt air environments, it is recommended that you clean and lightly oil the surface.  Alternatively you may apply a protective coating such as cerakote or anodize the lower.

What kind of finish should I use on my AR Lower Receivers?

Duracoat/Cerakote are both good options. For those that are the “fancy” type Spray paint gets er done too.

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