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Store and Return Policies

Store Policies
We interact with you as our visitor or customer in ways which respect and protect your credit card information.
No employee or representative of ours will ever ask for credit information VIA email.
If you receive an email request for your personal or credit information, do not reply. Please call us at your earliest convenience at 760-650-2737.

If you prefer to pay by non-electronic methods, you can send us a Postal Order (only) or a personal check. Personal checks will delay your order as we must wait for funds to clear the bank before shipping merchandise. Do not send cash.

To order by check, just print the order form with your shopping cart contents from the order confirmation page. Complete the necessary fields. Mail your order form with your payment to the following address as of April 8, 2015.

2420 Industry St, Suite B
Oceanside CA 92054

Firearm Parts and 80% Products
Gun Laws may vary by state, city, or county. It is solely YOUR responsibility to know and understand Local, State, and Federal Laws which may apply to you.

By ordering from our site, you agree you are in fact legally permitted to possess the firearm you intend to create.
We must firmly request you do NOT order any firearm parts or 80% products if you are a Felon or otherwise legally prohibited from firearm ownership. Should we find out you are a felon or otherwise prohibited, we are forced to cancel your order and forward your information (including your IP address) to the proper authorities.

Return / Refund Policy
In Spring 2015, CEO, Bryce Stirlen, eliminated the company’s prior no-return policy. Now, you can return online purchases under the following conditions:
  1. Packages must have been postmarked for return within 30 days of shipment to you.
  2. All returns must be shipped to us from within the United States of America.
  3. If the product has been used or modified we will not accept a return unless proven defective.
Click here for RETURN POLICY prior to April 21, 2015.

Product Stock
Our website does show stock. A live inventory system shows products to be in-stock or out-of-stock. By placing an order on this website you are agreeing to WAIT for your item. Some product items have substantial back-orders with an opt-in email program to send notifications when they are back in-stock. By placing an order you are agreeing you will wait for your items.
Please only order certain items if you are willing to wait for them.

Every item we sell is carefully inspected before it is shipped. If for some reason, your items are faulty upon delivery, please call us at 760-650-2737 within 7 days of your receipt of the goods, to set up an exchange. All products being returned for exchange must be carefully repackaged in their original packing.

Delivery Information
Delivery is charged at a flat rate no matter how many items you buy.
To manage costs, we do not buy insurance on every package we ship. Please contact us in advance if you would like insurance on your shipments. We are only responsible to the point of providing a tracking number. After shipping your products, and providing a tracking number, we cannot be held liable for mistakes by UPS, USPS, or FedEX. By purchasing on this website, you agree to this condition.

We value all opinions, and are constantly working to better your customer experience. If you have a complaint about any part of our service, it will be dealt with promptly, confidentially, and effectively.

Click to view the Policy Exemption Request Form.

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