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Out of Stock Update

Published: 03/05/2013 11:58:23 AM


All of our 80 percent products and half our nylon products are out of stock. We are doing everything we can to reduce lead times on our out of stock products.

We have hired additional people to help. Please bear with us through this stage as we grow to better serve our customers.

*PLEASE place your order only if you are willing to wait for your product(s). We are spending large amounts of money to drastically reduce lead times. We do NOT want you to place an order if you are NOT 100 PERCENT SURE that you are willing to wait!

We are one of the few companies that refuse to price gouge. Please be aware that several of our distributors are already gouging us. There are more than a few products that we are now selling below our cost. If this continues, we will be forced to raise prices.


Customer Service is doing their best to reply to emails. The average response time is less than 72 hours. You can contact Customer Service directly at: Mike@aresarmor.com or Joey@aresarmor.com.


Apologies, we have so many phone messages that we are no longer returning calls; but hope to remedy this soon. If you really need to get a hold of us, emailing Customer Service is the quickest means.


Build Party Update

The Machine Shop has moved!

The new address for build parties is: 2420 Industry St., Oceanside, Ca.

Please check the schedule for hours. http://aresarmor.com/store/80percent_build_party

Thank you.

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