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Bolt Carrier Group NiB MK1 MOD0

9310 -VS- C158

Properly Heat Treated 9310 May Surpass C158. 9310 Must be PROPERLY heat treated, such as ours is, to accomplish this. Mil-Spec is a standard, Our goal is to surpass it!

Carpenter VIM-VAR 9310 Alloy

(AISI Type 9310)

Nominal Analysis
0.10 C, 0.50 Mn, 3.00 Ni, 1.30 Cr, 0.10 Mo, Bal. Fe

A chromium-nickel-molybdenum carbonizing steel having high harden-ability, good core strength, and superior fatigue resistance.

Carpenter No. 158® (P6) Plastic Mold Steel

(AISI Type P6)
(UNS T51606) 

Nominal Analysis
0.10 C, 0.50 Mn, 0.30 Si, 1.50 Cr, 3.50 Ni, Bal. Fe

Case-hardening mold steel with exceptionally high strength;

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